Want Unique Wedding Bands? Try These 4 Unusual Styles

21 November 2014
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When choosing your wedding rings, you may notices that you start to see the same styles over and over. You may want wedding rings for you and your partner that are as special and unique as your relationship, but it can be hard to find something unusual and different. Here are four styles that might help you choose wedding rings that are unique.

Native American Rings

Native American wedding bands can be a beautiful way to symbolize the love that you and your partner share. Native American artisans can craft wedding bands from silver, malachite, onyx and other unusual materials. A commonly used stone is turquoise, an ancient sign of financial security. Be aware that blue turquoise can turn green over time.

Your Native American wedding rings will have designs, patterns and symbols that are unique to the tribe where the bands are created, so rings will look different from tribe to tribe. Zuni rings often incorporate grooves into rings that are filled with tiny turquoise or onyx stones, for example, while Navajo rings are sometimes done with stampwork.

Vintage Wedding Bands

One way to be different when choosing your wedding bands is to opt for older looking, vintage styles. Bands that make use of filigree and other ornamental techniques are not as widely seen these days, so look for those styles to give your bands an unusual look. Seek out Asscher cut stones, which give rings a classic, art deco look.

Colored Bands and Stones

Color is an easy way to make your wedding bands different from those of other couples. You can now choose wedding rings that are made of rose gold and black gold, both styles which provide a striking visual departure from most of the wedding bands you have probably seen.

You can also use colored stones that are not diamonds; sapphires and emeralds are beautiful, and not only are they unusual for wedding rings, but those stones generally cost less than diamonds as well.

Rings from Space

There are companies out there which can offer you wedding bands made from material that has been out in space. The gold that creates these rings was carried into suborbital space by a rocket. These kinds of rings are more expensive than other rings, but they provide you and your betrothed with excellent conversation pieces; these wedding bands are truly "out of this world".

After reading this article, hopefully you've gotten some ideas about what kind of rings to choose so that you and your partner can have unusual, special wedding bands. Enlist the help of a few local jewelers, who may be able to help you find unusual styles and cuts. That way, you and your partner can feel that your wedding bands are unlike anyone else's.