Christmas Sneaking Up On You And No Money? Pawn Or Sell Your Gold

4 November 2018
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Christmas is coming up fast, and if you have no money and a lot of people to buy for this can be stressful for you. Fortunately, there is still time to make the money you need. One way is to pawn or sell gold jewelry or other gold you may have. To help you below is information about pawning and selling the gold. Pawn Your Gold When you walk into a pawn shop such as Morningstar's Jewelers & Pawnbrokers, they will inspect your gold to determine the worth. Read More 

How To Sell Old Jewelry Without Getting Ripped Off

23 July 2018
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If you have old jewelry sitting around, why not sell it for some cash? There are plenty of reputable buyers out there willing to give you what it is worth. The trick is, however, avoiding those less-than-reputable buyers who want to give you a fraction of what the jewelry is worth and convince you that you're getting a good deal. So, how do you avoid getting ripped off when selling jewelry? Read More