Engagement Ring Trends For 2016

8 January 2016
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The holidays through Valentine's Day are the busiest time of the year for engagements. Whether you are shopping for a ring for your sweetheart or looking for ideas for yourself, this article will take you through the biggest engagement ring trend predictions for the new year. From the classic to the avant guard, there is sure to be the perfect engagement ring for you in this list.

Gemstone Clusters

While diamonds will always be a top choice for an engagement ring, gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are showing up more and more. They may appear in solo settings, but clusters of different color gemstones are quickly becoming a beautiful trend for 2016. The stones can be set in a row or in a cluster. A variation on the trend of several different kinds of gemstones are engagement rings that feature the same type of gemstone but with a variety of shades. For example, a cluster of sapphires can range in color from sky blue to deep cerulean; when set next to each other, the effect is breathtaking. 


Antique engagement rings are not a new trend per se, but the decades that will be sought after in 2016 will shift from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods to rings from the post-World War II. These types of rings are easier to find due to their relatively younger age. Rings from the mid-modern century period are streamlined and look as relevant today as they did 75 years ago.


Bohemian and nature-inspired clothing have been a huge trend in the last year. Raw stones, rocks and minerals were seen in fashion forward jewelry and on the necks, ears, and hands of trendsetters. This trend has carried over into engagement rings, for a look that is unique and gorgeous. Raw, uncut diamonds may have been considered a flaw in the past but can make stunning engagement jewelry. The tradition of a diamond is still there but with a very modern twist.

Ethically Sourced

A huge trend from 2015 is for the diamonds in engagement rings to be ethically sourced. This trend will become even larger in 2016, as concerns about the environment and fair labor practices will continue to grow. Many jewelry companies are purchasing diamonds from mines that are certified to use fair labor and trade practices. Some companies may have a line of engagement rings that are ethically sourced, while other jewelry companies may only sell fair trade gemstones.

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