Designing Your Own Engagement Ring: 3 Tips To Choose The Right Diamond

3 May 2017
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If you don't see an engagement ring that stands out to you when browsing at your local jewelry store, you should definitely think about designing a custom engagement ring. After all, with engagement rings costing an average of $4,758, you definitely want to be happy with what you get. After getting the band and prongs made, all you need to do to finish the ring is to choose the right diamond to use as a focal stone. Here are 3 tips on how to inspect the diamonds that are available for purchase.

Clean the Diamond First Before the Inspection to See It In Its True Beauty

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase the loose diamond from the jeweler or from another source, you should definitely get the diamond cleaned before you inspect it. This reveals the true beauty of the diamond and will prevent any flaws from being concealed and hidden. You can clean the diamond by rubbing it with a lint-free cloth. If you want to take extra steps to clean the diamond, have it professionally steam cleaned or soak it in ethyl alcohol.

Look at the Diamond Under Different Types of Lighting

To get an accurate and good idea of the type and amount of sparkle that each diamond can produce, you want to inspect it under several different light sources. Most experts recommend inspecting the diamonds in an environment with spot lighting first, and then one with diffused lighting. A room with white ceilings and fluorescent lights is ideal. At the very end, inspect the diamond in an environment with mixed lighting. Avoid a room with a lot of individual light sources, as the lights might create so much glare that you won't get a good look.

Consider the Cutting Style and the Amount of Sparkle You'll Get

Considering the type of engagement ring style that you've chosen, you'll also want to figure out whether the cutting style of the diamond is compatible with the engagement ring, and whether the engagement ring will place the diamond in a way where light can reflect off of all of its surfaces easily. The setting that you choose will have a huge effect on the amount of sparkle that can be obtained from the diamond.


Take your time when choosing the right diamond. Depending on the quality and type of cutting, as well as other factors like it colors, each diamond will look different once it's set in the engagement ring.