How To Wear House Of Harlow Jewelry

11 May 2017
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House of Harlow is an awesome line of jewelry that is made to look vintage, like it's from the 1960s. This means that you get a cute, fashionable vintage style without having to worry about the quality or integrity of your jewelry. The line, which is owned by superstar Nicole Richie, features glam necklaces, headpieces, statement rings, and so much more, all at affordable prices. If you simply browse through the awesome options available, you are sure to find something that you absolutely love. Once you've found your prized piece, however, the important thing is how you wear it. While you can, of course, incorporate your own style and wear your new jewelry however you see fit, there are definitely some foolproof fashionable ways to wear your jewelry.

A Simple Touch to a Crazy Outfit

First of all, be aware that House of Harlow jewelry is often overstated and funky, much like 60s fashion itself, but, conversely, many pieces are also simple, stylish, and utterly elegant.

If you gravitate more toward these simpler pieces, try pairing them with one of your more crazy or outlandish outfits. Maybe you want to mix stripes and solids or go for a bright floral print. Well, the easiest way to tone things down a bit is to add in a simple, elegant piece of jewelry. Not only will it make your outfit a little less "crazy," but it will also keep from detracting from the interesting prints and/or patterns you are wearing.

A Way to Draw Attention to Your Neck and Shoulders

House of Harlow makes a lot of great chokers, as well as long, dangling necklaces. These types of items are the perfect accompaniment to your strapless dresses or tops.

No matter what you're wearing, in fact, these kinds of pieces are a wonderful way to draw attention to your neck and shoulders for a sleek, sexy look. So, if you consider your upper half a great feature, show it off with a House of Harlow necklace or choker for instant compliments.

A Focal Point

If you're the type of person who likes your jewelry to take front and center stage, then go for the wildest, most eye-catching House of Harlow piece that you can find. Don't worry; there are plenty to choose from.

You can then use this glamorous piece of jewelry as the focal point of your outfit and a great way to draw positive attention to yourself.

There are as many ways to wear House of Harlow jewelry as there are people in the world, so, whether you follow these tips or not, you're sure to look great as long as you're rocking your own personal style.