Four Unique Gift Ideas Featuring Tennis Racquet Earrings

25 May 2017
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Whether your favorite tennis player is about to go pro or just had a first win, you may want to consider a beautiful gift to celebrate the occasion. Tennis racquet earrings are one stunning option, but there are lots of ways you can make this gift idea even more exciting. Here are some creative ways you can incorporate tennis racquet earrings into a stunning gift.

Say It With A Shirt

If you are planning to purchase tennis racquet earrings with simple post backs, consider also purchasing a tennis polo or t-shirt. You can artfully fold the shirt and place it in a gift box, and pin the earrings to the lapel or collar. You can give your tennis player both a luxurious and a practical gift, and the presentation adds to the overall thoughtfulness of the present. Take this idea one step further by adding tennis shorts or a skirt for a complete playing ensemble.

Set, Game, And Match The Perfect Gift

Why stop at tennis racquet earrings? Look for a set of jewelry with a tennis theme to make your favorite player smile. This might include a set of earrings with tennis racquet and tennis ball designs, or it might include a necklace and bracelet to match the earrings. If he or she collects charms for a charm bracelet, an earring-and-charm set can make a perfect gift. Of course, if you can't decide between yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, consider purchasing a set of tennis racquet earrings in all three colors.

Make A Racquet

Consider going with an all-racquet theme for your gift. Take some time to research the best racquets on the market, and purchase one to go with your gift. Add a monogrammed racquet cover for a personalized touch, and place the earrings in a jewelry box inside the cover with the racquet. All three items together create a wonderful present your tennis player can use on and off the court.

Build A Basket

If you love creating gift baskets, make the tennis racquet earrings the centerpiece for this idea. Place them in a large jewelry box at the center of the basket, and continue the tennis theme by adding specialized goodies all around the earrings. Some ideas for items you can put in the basket might include:

  • Cans of tennis balls
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Fitness tracker
  • Sports drinks
  • Energy bars

Don't be afraid to get creative with the wrapping and decorating, and use these ideas to create an unforgettable tennis-themed gift. For more information about buying interesting jewelry, contact a business such as Studio Margaret