Diamonds Not In The Budget Right Now? 3 Steps To Keep Your Rhinestone Jewelry Sparkling Bright

10 June 2017
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If you love the look of elegant jewelry, but diamonds just aren't in your budget, you can get the same look with rhinestone jewelry. While rhinestones aren't precious gems, they still add sparkle and shine to any outfit you'll be wearing. Not only that, but with the right care and handling, no one will know that you're not lavished in diamonds. Here are some simple instructions that will keep your rhinestone jewelry looking beautiful.

Keep it Cool

If the rhinestones in your jewelry are held in place with glue, instead of prongs or bezels, you should avoid the heat. Repeated exposure to heat can cause the glue to melt,which will result in your rhinestones falling out of your jewelry. To protect your rhinestone jewelry, store it in a cool location, and never leave it out in direct sunlight, including your car. If you take your jewelry off in the car, be sure to bring it in with you.

Let it Dry

If your rhinestones are foil-backed, you should avoid moisture. When exposed to moisture, the foil-backing can deteriorate over time, leaving your rhinestones looking dull, lifeless, and gray. To keep your rhinestones shiny, keep them as dry as possible. First, avoid letting them come in contact with water. Second, avoid storing them in airtight containers that can trap moisture inside. Finally, if your foil-backed rhinestones do come in contact with water, gently dry them off with a soft cloth, and leave them out on your dresser, face-down, to air dry for a few hours. Leaving them face-down will allow the foil-backing to dry out properly.

Clean it Carefully

If your rhinestone jewelry starts to look dull, or loses some of its shine, you can give it a light cleaning.

Take Care with Cleaning

When cleaning your rhinestone jewelry, you should avoid spraying the jewelry directly. Instead, give a soft, lint-free cloth a light misting of water. Carefully wipe the surface of the jewelry to remove dirt and oils. Leave your jewelry out to air dry for several minutes before placing it back in your jewelry box, or drawer.

Avoid Chemical Cleaning Agents

While you're cleaning your rhinestone jewelry, you should avoid using any type of chemical cleaning agents, including window cleaners that contain ammonia. The harsh chemicals can destroy your jewelry.

If you're looking for the perfect accent pieces for your night out on the town, but you can't afford diamonds, rhinestones, provided by companies like NORTHEASTERN IMPORTING, are an excellent option. Use the tips provided here to keep your rhinestone jewelry looking beautiful.