How To Sell Old Jewelry Without Getting Ripped Off

23 July 2018
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If you have old jewelry sitting around, why not sell it for some cash? There are plenty of reputable buyers out there willing to give you what it is worth. The trick is, however, avoiding those less-than-reputable buyers who want to give you a fraction of what the jewelry is worth and convince you that you're getting a good deal. So, how do you avoid getting ripped off when selling jewelry? Here are a few tips.

Have the Jewelry Independently Appraised

One way that sellers often go wrong is by having the jewelry appraised by the vendor who they plan on selling it to. If you plan on selling that person your jewelry, of course they will have a tendency to under-estimate it's value so they can get a better deal! A better approach is to take the jewelry to a private appraiser -- someone who is not in the business of actually buying and selling items. You might have to pay them a couple of dollars, but they will take a look and give you an idea of what the pieces are really worth. And you can trust their opinion, since you won't be selling to them.

Verify the Appraisal with Your Own Research

Once an appraiser has let you know what your items are worth, take the time to verify that estimate. Look online for similar pieces, and see what they are selling for. If the price is similar to what the appraiser told you, then you know the appraiser was "on the money." If the prices are radically different, call the appraiser back and explain what you have found. There may be a reason why your piece is worth more or less. Perhaps it is in worse or better condition than the pieces you're seeing online, or maybe it was made in a different year. The appraiser can give you this information.

Sell to a Reputable Buyer

When you do sell, either sell to an individual who is willing to pay the appraisal price, or take the jewelry to a reputable buyer -- someone with an established storefront and a history of buying and selling jewelry. That "someone" could be either a person or a company, like Patti Esbia Antique & Estate Jewelry. Bring the paperwork from the appraisal that shows what the jewelry is worth. Do not make plans to meet someone on a street corner or back room. Situations like these are not generally above-board, and you may find yourself with a bounced check.

Follow the tips above, and you should get what you deserve for your old jewelry.