Choosing An Engagement Ring? 3 Considerations You Should Make

20 March 2019
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After falling in love and choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with, you might be ready to make it official by getting engaged. However, choosing a ring for yourself or another person can be more complex than most people realize. While many people think about things like budget, there are other things to think about. Here are three considerations you should make before selecting an engagement ring

1. Style

One thing you may notice as you shop for engagement rings is the incredible variety of ring styles on the market. Although it can be tempting to select something ornate and beautiful, carefully consider the style of your soon-to-be spouse before you have something wrapped up. 

Try to select a ring that would meld well with their day-to-day style and not something that would only look good with formal wear. Additionally, choose a metal variety that works well with other jewelry items that they have. For instance, if your spouse wears a lot of silver, choosing a platinum or white gold band would be ideal over yellow or rose gold. 

2. Wearability

Although many rings are beautiful, some are easier to wear than others. Rings with high prongs can tend to snag on clothing and other items, so think about how easy the piece is to wear. Consider things like comfort, shape, and the smoothness of the exterior of the band to determine whether it would be ideal for your loved one's daily lifestyle.

Although your future spouse may not be with you during ring shopping if it will be a surprise, it is a good idea to wear the ring for a bit to see if it is comfortable. Ask about additional features like a contoured ring interior to make the band as wearer-friendly as possible. 

3. Maintenance

While many rings don't need much maintenance, others need to be replated occasionally to preserve their shine. For instance, while platinum is a stronger metal than gold, it will need to be professionally replated throughout the course of your ownership, since it tends to scratch more. 

Talk with your jeweler about the amount of maintenance each jewelry piece will need, and try to select an item that you feel comfortable caring for. 

When you are ready to start shopping for the perfect ring, take the time to look at a variety of stores to see what is out there for you. Don't be afraid to try on different styles, colors, and even stone varieties to see what fits with your aesthetic.