Are You Giving a Sentimental Gift to Your High School Graduate?

21 May 2019
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Are you planning a graduation gift for your own child? Maybe the graduate is your grandchild or another close family member. No matter the relationship, you are probably amazed at how rapidly time flew from childhood to young adulthood. Honoring the graduate with a sentimental gift might be one of the best presents you ever select.

If you already know what you are giving the graduate, you probably also have it wrapped and ready to be presented. On the other hand, if you are still contemplating what to give the graduate, from selecting a treasured book from your personal library to arranging for repair for a gift of jewelry, here are some ideas that might help you.

Books And More – Are you an avid reader? Has the graduate inherited the love of reading from you? If so, consider making a sacrifice by giving the graduate one of your favorite books that is already part of your personal library. For example, maybe you own a first edition of a book like To Kill A Mockingbird. Or you might have an autographed copy of a book that has inspired you. Or, it might be that the book isn't an original one or an autographed one, but it has touched your life. That means that it will more than likely touch the graduate's life, too.

There are other sentimental gifts that would mean a lot to the high school graduate. For example, maybe you have a shadow box that has your father's military medals in it. Maybe you have the child's first report card. If so, wouldn't it be fun and meaningful for you to frame that report and give it to its original owner? 

A Piece Of Jewelry – Think of giving a piece of jewelry that is already a keepsake. Or, give the graduate one of your own pieces of jewelry that will someday be a treasured heirloom. For example, maybe you would be willing to give a graduate the string of pearls that once belonged to your grandmother. Or, you might have a watch that has accompanied you on all your travels.

No matter if the gift is an antique string of pearls or a watch, the piece of jewelry might need to be repaired. Luckily, a reputable jewelry repair shop will have individuals who have the training and the experience to make simple repairs or more complicated ones. Does the string of pearls need a new clasp? If so, every effort will be made to replace it with one that will complement its antique status. Does the watch no longer keep good time? A trained jewelry repair person will more than likely be able to take care of that problem, too.

Reach out to a jewelry repair business for more information about pricing. Be sure to give the repair person plenty of time to complete the job. In addition, consider writing a note that tells the graduate the significance of your gift.