Important Factors For A Child's First Watch

16 July 2019
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When your child reaches the point at which he or she is constantly curious about the time, your best strategy is to buy the child a watch. Not only does this purchase keep the child from continuously asking you what time it is, but it also helps the child to feel grown up. The age at which a child gets his or her first watch can differ, and is largely dependent on the child's interest in knowing the time. When you decide to buy the watch, you can either shop with your child at a local watch retailer or do the shopping yourself so that you can give the watch as a gift. Here are some factors to think of when you look at different watch models.

Ease Of Telling Time

There are lots of watches that aren't particularly suitable for children because they don't make it overly easy to tell the time. For example, a watch that doesn't have any numerals on its face might have a sleek and attractive design, but this is going to be a challenge for any child. Arguably, the first factor that you must think about when you're shopping for a watch for your child is how easily he or she will be able to tell the time. Numbers instead of Roman numerals, for example, are a good choice.


Some watches are more durable than others. A watch that is designed to be worn during vigorous activities, such as hiking, is generally going to be a better choice for a child than a watch that is suitable for wearing while dressed up. You have to accept that your child will be hard on his or her watch. Playing sports at recess, running and falling, climbing trees, and other typical children's activities can all cause impacts to the watch. It's important to buy one that has a reputation for being durable.


Parents have different mindsets when it comes to buying their children accessories such as watches. You might want to buy your child a watch in a design that seems trendy right now—but you might also realize that when this trend goes away in six months or a year from now, your child may be reluctant to wear the watch. To get good longevity out of the timepiece, it's ideal if you can find a watch that has a timeless design. Regardless of how it specifically looks, you can be confident that the child will enjoy wearing it moving forward.

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