Important Tips For The Care And Maintenance Of Diamond Wedding Rings

6 September 2019
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Your new marriage needs you and your spouse to properly care for it so your union will continue to grow. Similarly, your new diamond wedding ring also requires regular care and attention to keep it clean and free of any damage.

To keep your new diamond jewelry in tip-top shape, follow each of these important tips:

Remove Surface Grease and Grime Daily

As you wear your wedding ring, it will come into contact with soaps, lotions, and other things that will make the diamond look dull or discolored. To keep the diamond clean and sparkling in the light, simply wash your ring each day in a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water. If you notice any dirt or grim in the prongs or under the stone, then you can scrub the ring using a soft toothbrush. To prevent hard water spots on your diamond jewelry, make sure you dry them using a soft cloth rather than letting them air-dry.

Store Your Wedding Ring in a Jewelry Bag or Box When Not in Use

If you take your wedding ring off when you go to work, swim, or sleep, then you must safely store it in a jewelry box or in a velvet jewelry bag. To prevent it from being scratched by other pieces of jewelry while it is being stored, the ring needs to be put inside its own container where it won't bang against anything else.

Buff Your Diamonds After Contact with Your Fingers

The natural oils on your hands are enough to make your wedding ring's diamond look dull. To prevent this, you should avoid putting your fingers on your ring or handling it unnecessarily.

If you do handle your diamond or notice it has fingerprints on the surface, then you should buff it clean. The best things to use to do so are either a piece of clean flannel cloth or specialty diamond jewelry cleaning cloth. However, you should avoid using paper towels because they can be abrasive and scratch your jewelry.

Have Your Diamond Wedding Ring Professionally Cleaned, Inspected, and Repaired Yearly

Lastly, since your diamond wedding ring is an investment and the last thing you want is for your diamond to fall out because of a damaged prong or other minor problem, it's essential you have it professionally inspected at least once each year. And, while your ring is at the jewelers, have it cleaned and get any necessary repairs made.