Are You Wantingto Give Your Wife A Unique Gift This Christmas?

5 November 2019
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Each year, when you open your gifts on Christmas morning, do you receive something truly special from your wife? When you have shopped for your wife's Christmas present in the past, maybe you've gone with practical gifts she has requested. Then, when she opens that gift, maybe you're sorry that you didn't select something more original and unique. 

Perhaps this Christmas you will start a new trend. You won't ask for requests, and instead, you'll select unique gifts that you feel certain your wife will really love. Do you already know what you're buying your wife for this Christmas? If so, you don't need to keep reading. However, maybe you're still looking for ideas. From selecting a handcrafted gemstone pendant to buying additional gifts to go with it, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select A Handcrafted Gemstone Pendant - If your wife is like many other women, she probably loves jewelry. If that's true, think of buying your wife a handcrafted gemstone pendant that has her birthstone as part of the design. For example, if your wife's birthday is in May, buy her a gemstone that has an emerald in it. Since emeralds can be expensive, you might want to select a pendant that has a small emerald in it. Maybe you're lucky enough to have a wife whose birthday is in September. A sapphire gemstone pendant probably won't be as expensive as an emerald or diamond pendant. Or, forget the birthstone idea altogether and just buy a gemstone you know she'll love.

The setting for your wife's gemstone pendant is important, too. For example, if your wife loves contemporary clothes, think of selecting a sleek, simple design for the gemstone pendant. If she loves more dramatic clothes, then select a pendant that has an intricate setting for the stone.

Select An Additional Christmas Gift - While a handcrafted pendant is certainly a unique and important gift, maybe you want your wife to have other gifts to go with the pendant. What about a scarf or a shawl that is the same color as the pendant? She could actually use the pendant as a closure for the scarf or shawl.

If you select a silver setting for the gemstone, consider buying a silver cuff bracelet or silver hoop earrings to complement the pendant. Or, buy a leather belt that has a sterling silver belt buckle. If the pendant is set in a simple setting, choose a sleek design for the belt buckle. If you go with an elaborate setting for the gemstone, buy a leather belt with an intricate silver buckle.

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