3 Great Places To Wear Your Antique Jewelry

14 September 2020
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Antique jewelry pieces are unique, beautiful, and incredibly timeless — while also looking trendy with the right outfit. However, many people find themselves struggling to style antique jewelry, since the pieces themselves can be so ornate. Here are three great places you should think about wearing your antique jewelry. 

1. Job Interviews

Antique jewelry sends a powerful message. In addition to showing you have great taste, it can also show that you are cultured and have a beloved family pedigree. For these simple reasons, it's a good idea to consider wearing your favorite antique jewelry to your next job interview. 

Consider wearing a chunky collar necklace over your button-down shirt, or a lovely piece of lamé jewelry along with your suit. Think about wearing a few beautiful rings along with your normal bracelets to show your sense of style, and don't be afraid to mix and match pieces. Jewelry lovers will think it's fun to explore your style. 

2. Family Reunions

When you head to a family reunion, you will have the chance to soak up a little family history with others who share your ancestry. Oftentimes, you may meet people who remember relatives who have passed away, and it can be fun to reminisce about the old days. 

By wearing antique jewelry that was passed down to you, those items can act as powerful conversation starters with the people you see. You can talk about how the ring was given from your grandfather to your grandmother, or about how different jewelry pieces showed off your loved one's sense of style. 

3. Auctions

Anytime you are going to a place where antique jewelry will be bought or sold, wear your favorite pieces. In addition to showing off the items to other collectors, you may also generate interest in the pieces, which can be helpful. For instance, if you go into an online auction where others are buying and selling jewelry, and you are interested in parting ways with a cuff bracelet, you could mention it's for sale at the first mention from a stranger about how beautiful it is. After all, any money you earn could be invested in new items at the auction. 

If you love antique jewelry pieces and you are looking to expand your collection, keep your eyes open at jewelry stores, pawnshops, and even garage sales. You never know, you could find great deals on beautiful pieces that will bolster your collection.