What To Do About Wedding Rings If You Have Sensitive Hands

7 January 2021
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Whether you have sensitive skin or just don't like the way many rings feel on your hand, you have to figure out something if you want to wear a wedding ring. While some who have these issues resort to wearing the ring as a pendant or even getting a "ring" tattooed on their finger, others try to adapt to wearing an actual ring. You have a few options for making that ring much more comfortable to wear, and finding the right option entails knowing why rings feel so uncomfortable to you and then addressing those reasons head-on.

Go for a Plain Band

For some, the patterns, stones, and engravings that reside on the sides of so many wedding bands are physically irritating. This is one of the easier issues to solve as wearing a plain wedding band with no stones, no engravings, and no other features eliminates most of the irritants. There are also potential metal allergies to contend with, but high-quality gold and silver rings, as well as titanium rings, are usually less of an allergic risk.

Take Care Choosing the Width and Length of the Band

Sometimes the problem is that the ring feels too prominent on the hand, hitting against the side of the adjacent finger. The band can also be too long — creating a feeling of restriction — or too narrow, thus setting off a feeling that the band could bend or break easily. As nice as it is to surprise someone with an engagement or wedding ring, it's much better to be able to try them on before buying. Do that, and focus on the thickness and length of the band to ensure the most comfortable fit.

Use Sizing Adjusters to Prevent Movement

Another problem is ring movement. If the ring is too tight, then its edges can physically hurt your skin as they dig in. If the ring is too loose, it can move on your finger, increasing the risk of both physical irritation and psychological annoyance. So, when you choose a ring, you don't want one that's too tight, but you also don't want one that's too loose. Finding the right size can be a bit difficult if you have wider knuckles (as so many people do) because you still want to be able to remove the ring if needed. The answer is to get temporary ring resizers or inserts that you can pull off when you need to remove the ring. Remember that you may have to remove the ring for medical procedures, ring cleaning, and more, so don't kid yourself that you'll never take the thing off.

Your wedding band should be comfortable. Take the time to try on different ones and make sure that the one you and your partner choose is one that you'll love wearing for a long, long time.

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