Mermaid Jewelry Pieces You Can Incorporate Into Your Grown-Up Style

14 April 2021
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Mermaid jewelry is whimsical and fun and can allow anyone who wears it to feel extra flirtatious and charming in their own way. You don't have to limit your use of mermaid jewelry to your spare time or your days off, you can actually wear mermaid jewelry in your "grown-up" style as well. Whether you want to look polished and sharp with a bit of a colorful edge at work or you want to deviate just a little from your everyday style, mermaid jewelry can be just what you need.

Here are ways you can incorporate mermaid jewelry into your grown-up style so you can feel like "adulting" while still catering to the whimsy in you. You can find beautiful mermaid jewelry pieces at your local jewelry store or you can buy these things online.

Wear pearls with a twist

Pearls are a classic form of jewelry, so you can wear pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or even brooches to work or during other activities with ease. Pearls and mermaids both go together easily, so it will be no surprise to see a piece of mermaid jewelry paired with the more classic and demure pearls if you choose to give a mermaid pendant or other mermaid-inspired piece of jewelry a try.

Wear a small but noticeable mermaid piece

If you're not ready to commit to something entirely mermaid-related but you still want to put a bit of color and whimsy into your accessories, consider wearing something small but noticeable as part of your jewelry line-up. For example, consider wearing a mermaid jewelry silhouette brooch in silver, bronze, or copper so you can feel like you have a sense of whimsy incorporated into your wardrobe without taking it over.

Or, choose a pearl-colored mermaid ring to wear as part of a plain stackable ring set. Your choice of mermaid jewelry doesn't have to be large to make a real statement. When wearing a mermaid jewelry item, limit your use to just one accessory piece at a time and mix it up: one week wear a mermaid bracelet, the next try wearing mermaid pendants. You can always have something new and engaging to wear when you choose to be daring with mermaid jewelry, even if you're wearing professional business attire along with it.

Pick a budget and start shopping for beautiful mermaid jewelry today. You have many charming and whimsical styles to choose from to make your wardrobe complete and really get the most out of your investment. If you pick mermaid jewelry pieces that match other jewelry items you have, all the better — mix and match to really make your accessories stand out.

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