Shopping For the Perfect Engagement Ring

14 July 2021
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Getting married is something that some people rush into soon after meeting someone that they connect with, but many people take things slowly. Taking time to ensure that someone is the person that you want to spend your life with is ideal because it gives you time to really get to know their overall character. If you have found the person that you love and want to spend your life with, then it's time to buy an engagement ring to start the road to marriage.

Rather than buying any ring, take the time to make sure they will be impressed and know that you put your heart into choosing it. Reading this article is a good place to start before going on a shopping trip for an engagement ring.

Determine the Most Ideal Ring Style

Keep in mind that it is common for people to wear their engagement rings for the length of their marriage, such as until death or in the unfortunate case of a divorce. Therefore, you want to make sure the style of the engagement ring is one that your significant other will feel comfortable wearing regularly. For example, if they aren't into rings that have large stones, it is wise to purchase one that has medium or small stones. You should also consider the type of metal that is chosen, as they may like white gold over rose or yellow.

Find a Way to Size Their Ring Finger

The biggest challenge that you will have when shopping around for an engagement ring is figuring out the size of your significant other's finger unless you already know it. One way to go about determining their ring size is to ask one of their close friends or relatives if they know it. However, be sure that it is someone you can trust not to let them in on your proposal plan. If they already have rings that they enjoy wearing, you can sneak and measure one of them to get the ring finger size. If all else fails, you can also purchase a ring that is likely too big and just resize it later. 

Plan Out a Romantic Presentation

Being proposed to is considered a very special moment. Make your marriage proposal unforgettable by thoroughly planning it out. For example, you should decide if you want to propose at a restaurant, the beach, or travel to a nice tourist destination for the special moment.